22 February 2009

Fit for work?

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As I get older, I feel more than ever the importance of physical exercise. I know that I ought to do two twenty-minute sessions evey day but all I manage is two longer sessions twice most weeks and a brisk ten minute walk most workday lunchtimes. I could try to get up earlier and go for a jog or walk before setting off for work, but I can’t get through the working day if too tired. I could give up my evening classes and abandon domestic duties more than I do now to fit in more exercise in the evenings, or could give up some socialising at weekends to make space. However, being fitter yet having no¬† time for anything out of work other than keeping the home running strikes me a depressing.

I think the answer must be making more time during the working day for exercise. I certainly feel that I work better in the afternoons when I have had a good, if short, walk than the days when I can’t walk. I was on a course not long ago that presented all sorts of evidence to support the ideas that taking breaks from work for exercise and for meditation boosted productivity sufficiently that it made up for time ‘lost’.

Sadly, my employer does not see it that way, and I think I am stuck with the present situation until I retire and can control my own time during the day. I hope that before long most employers encourage staff to take breaks during the day to promote physical and mental well-being.


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