27 January 2009

Colour coded tea

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For several years I have enjoyed two types of tea from the same producer. When I first bought them, one was in a pink box and the other in green. It was easy to see which was which on the shop shelf and in the cupboard at home.

Recently, the producer redesigned the packaging. All the various flavours are now provided in a white box. One has to look carefully to see which is which in the shop. And in the store cupboard, when lying side by side with only the white box ends visible, the only way to know which is which is to take one out, or remember. Whoever thought this new packaging was helpful?


25 January 2009


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Why do organisations think one wants yet another magazine?

It’s not that I find them uninteresting. I’m interested enough in the aims of the organisation to pay a membership fee after all, but I don’t have time to read magazines. They just sit about in a pile until I get round to recycling them. Once I found I had failed to see an important communication because it was in with the magazine which I hadn’t removed from it’s plastic wrapper. Wrapper and contents just add to the material that needs disposal.

Many offer email newsletters, but these often end up as in addition to the paper magazine.

I would rather pay less for the subscription and not get the magazine. I took this up with one major national organisation, and said I’d join if they would promise not to send me stuff. I didn’t ask for a reduced subscription, just freedom from excess paper, but they wouldn’t consider it. One organisation I belong to (Cats Protection) does offer a reduced subscription rate if one opts out of the magazine. If only more would do this!


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I have evolved into a Grumpy Old Woman, so I may as well admit it.

This blog is intended to let me get used to blogging and tagging while allowing me a way of letting off steam from time to time. I’ve been reading other’s blogs for ages and find them a good way of keeping up with things, especially when they include an RSS feed. I started a blog of my own in Live Journal but one can only read those if one is a signed-up member so it is pretty restricted. This is my attempt to run a more accessible blog.

I have chosen WordPress because some I follow use it.

Updates will be very intermittent, not because I don’t often get annoyed at things, but because time to the computer is very limited.

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